Thursday, January 24, 2013


I created a new flickr group this year, the  " Age of Elegance "dedicated to Jane Austen books , literature and the Edwardian and Victorian eras.... The idea was to give the artist time to create ... at least 6 to 8 weeks to really get into the craft themes of this era. 

SO, January/February's ATC theme was ' weaving" . All members were asked to weave a basket of posies for their ATC. 

Since  this type of paper weaving is a Victorian past-time, it should look somewhat delicate.
I tried weaving a valentine heart with mylar, then drawing florals with  prism pens, creating additional flowers with  floral punches and filling in with  fingernail confetti, however the slippery medium was too big. Quite frankly,  the whole concept was too modern... I liked it, but somehow I was creatively, "fretting."

 Then, I got this idea, to weave a basket of ribbons, using feathers, shredded organza, decorative gold wire and ribbons. Smaller ribbon would have been more appropriate. The result is pleasing, though bursting at the seams and overflowing the 3.5X2.5  size. Back to the drawing board !!!!

Realizing that the weaves were too big for the small ATC card size .... I was thankful, for the extra time, to develop an idea, Gradually I pondered  another medium and found myself playing with a simple piece of jutte string. "Bing" ...  the light came on !!!!!

The "Age of Elegance Age" era  encompasses many eclectic themes, such as  fashion  and  the Japanese culture ... so my mind was privy to a myriad of themes, that I hadn't even thought about in last two weeks... Yes..It took that long for the theme to gel !!!!

Luckily, I had brought some of my  empheria  to Japan and was able to find many appropriate vintage images to fit into the seasonal category.' Bling Bling"

 I was eager to use this cherry blossom background. Connie(http:// )  had sent me this lovely image, ages ago  so I very humbled cut  it up and separated into scraps, ( ha ha) to fit into my vision.... "girls floating through an ocean of cherry blossom". 

Of course the flowers are smiling( on top) along with all that childhood admiration. The jutte weave served as reeds wavering through the shallow passages of their imagination. ..Of course it's my childish imagination ( Ha Ha) ... I was now having fun with the themed medium.....I like it !!!!

So, I had to create another.

While  visiting in Japan , I've acquired so many beautiful papers. This gorgeous red washi paper  contrasted  so  beautifully with the geisha's kimono.

Again, I was inspired to use the jutte as flower stems, then "OOPS" with a sudden slip, I began to frame the whole outer image ... creativity was  taking over...WONDERFUL !!!! I'm so happy with the result !!!!

Often we take on an ATC  theme and hurry to the deadline, when really the lesson here is to take your time and try, try, try, again.. until you are content , little bird !!!!


Sue Marrazzo said...

I love the themes and your use of color in ALL oif these. the Japanese woman is my FAVE!!!!
Please check out my blog at:

Zaa said...

Thanks for the kind visit...I'm on my way to check out your blogworks...Hugs


This is awesome, what great color you chose! Yes, I love the Japanese woman too, I'm so partial to Oriental stuff like this!
Thank you for coming by sweet lady.

Jeanie said...

Your valentine ATCs are just beautiful. You make me realize that it's been a long time since I've done an ATC and I really enjoyed it when I did. Beautiful colors.

Thanks for coming to Marmelade Gypsy and leaving a nice comment! I'm curious as to what part of Japan you are from. We have friends in Otsu, Hiroshima and big old Tokyo! I haven't visited for a long time but you have a beautiful country.

Donna Ellis said...

Your artwork is gorgeous! I love the contrast of black against the brilliant colors!

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