Wednesday, December 15, 2010


MERRY CHRISTMAS  TO ALL OF YOU  ......"It's beginning to look alot like Christmas "  as the magic of winter  castes it's spell and we all await the singing of carols and prayers of "Noel" ...

It's a time of musical merriment that I love... especially the carol singing. I attended my first Christmas Concert of the season...It was  Handels' sing-along  Messiah which is my favorite. ... Alas, I am being bad now  because the  " Halleluia Chorus is  now blazing throughout the house as I keep turning up the volume. I'm sure it can be heard all the way to the North Pole.

A present came early this year in the form of something  small and round and fluffy  " Woof Woof" ... Yes ... A puppy. We called her " DOLLY"...  I know three little boys who are going to be very excited, when we arrive in Calgary for Christmas Holidays. They're all sure to keep me very busy  during the festive season.

 If you're looking for an extra special gift  for  an artistic friend or family member  ... My wonderful friend  Monica Zuniga has a new Doll workshop. It's a  whimsical, fabric painting  doll  class that sure to delight your creative imagination for the New Year. So join into the magic of the season by creating a doll of your own. I'll look forward to seeing you there, my friends.



Holly Loves Art said...

Happy holidays and congratulations on your new addition, Dolly. What a cute name!

Zaa said...

Thank you dear Holly for the seasonal Greeting... I'll be sure to post a picture of her in the New year, sweet Friend...MERRY CHRISTMAS..