Sunday, January 30, 2011


DO you have a passion for Cats?  Oriental Cats are known for their intense interest in everyday human activities .  I see ten to twenty of them  lined up  every morning along the garden walls outside of the park.

It's no wonder that the Maiko Cat  is seen and admired in every store and house in Japan.
This feline has become an important  part of their mysterious and exotic culture. ... So it's very hard not to fall inlove with  such a sweet, animated  image.

I must admit, that I'm  under the Maiko Cat spell ...  admiring, collecting and even drawing this  feline character . Folktales say that this  little paw waving cat  is gook luck . That's a fabulous reason to have a few of them  sitting around your house ...Right !!!!

For those of you who read my last post .... Just incase you're interested ....  I bought the handmade Wallclock Cat ( below) with the moving tail .  My husband bought me the  handmade ceramic Black Cat ( below) for my Birthday and of course , my friend, shower me with Maiko " good luck " gifts....  Collecting  has become quite the Cat's Meow .( Ha Ha)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Shopping in Japan is quite an adventure .... I thought you might like to see some of the sugary  animated items.  " Meow, Meow"... all the kittens were calling me, to come look and see ... "Buy Me",  they  mewed.

Then, I looked at the prices... Yes, only, 10500 yen( $150.00) for the  handmade clock , who's little  tail moves with the tick and the tock.  He's so adorable !!!!

Well, I do love it  but " don't you  think that little black and white number looks friendly ... Oh yes... He's a darling, at only  10000 yen( $100.00) . So, my friends, let's move onto the next grouping of happy Japanese kittens.

 Bing, Bang , Boom .... Lookie lookie  some "Tin Pan Alley" musical cats. They're  kind of  socially cute  and the price is just right, only 2500 yen( $25.00)...Where would I put them ?

Goodness... I'm so confused , because I like them all.  I will listen to my own little inner cat voice ...Purr purr and select the purr-fect cat for  me .... It's a hard decision.

Which cat or cats would you choose? Which cat or cats did I choose? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"It's Cold Outside "

January marks the beginning of great expectations ..
... but also brings flurries of snow and cold temperatures. This year has been an exceptionally strange time around the world .... Brrrr ... I'm alittle cold and my teeth are chattering, but I'm in awe of the wintry blasts of beauty... I though I would share a wintry walk through the park with you , so bundle up and keep yourself warm in this  Canadian Winter Wonderland.

Monday, January 10, 2011


AMORE... Ah ....sweet love is on the horizon.... As we quickly move past January into the month of hearts and valentines..I am reminded, how quickly time passes. I'm in awe of all the precious gifts that might be overlooked if, I  do not take the time to give thanks for the love of family  and friends.
I am also reminiscing about life, as the seasons come and go ...  and realizing that it's time to move onto new and exciting journeyswith light heartedness and joy !!! 

YES..It's time to lose weight when you no longer fit into that little  black, size 5 dress  ( Ha Ha)... Even my fingers and  feet seem to have gotten alittle fatter and I wear  wider shoes and flat boots,  that are less than fashionable... AH... Yes... It has  finally happened ... middle age has set in, for a long winters nap.

"Oh woe is me".... Should I become dramatic and submerge myself into the flowery, swollen waters of a reedy river like  Shakespeares', "Ophelia"? ... She is ever adored and heralded in classic paintings....Drama, drama, drama!!!

No... I'd  like to think of myself as a modern sort of  woman, who can battle the raging perils of age, in a dignified manner ...  so, I jogged out and bought myself  some vitamin E capsules for swollen eyes and wrinkles, a new water bottle, to puff out the sagging dehydrated bits and a recumbent bike, to ease my aching joints, when I  do take the time to exercise.( Huff'n'Puff)
Yes, my friends,  I'm encouraging  you, myself and I, to do alittle extra peddling, in the love of " self " arena ... Wishing you all, a safe and healthy journey this year... I'll race you around the calender block ....  Ladies.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Wishing you all a joyous , healthy and Happy New Year.... In Japan , New Year is a reverent time for personal journeys... usually climbing up  the  mountain side to a shrine, to give thanks for the year that is passing on. It's a time to  look for good omens on the trail of  tranquility and peace. It's a time of homage 
and prayer

If an eagle happens to fly cross your path, " Good Luck " will  surely follow you through the New Year... 


2011 ....... A Strange year  can become a gifted and even stranger year if you just have patience.. Santa sometimes cannot  fit and drop all the gifts on Christmas night ... and I happen to have it  on the best authority... that  "SANTA CLAUS " is tired ... Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z_Z__Z_Z_Z_Z_Z__Z_ZZZ

Such a " Jolly Old man " ... but has anyone taken the time to  " kiss" him ... 

Please let me know ... 'cause " Santa is sleeping and he won't say a word... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ