Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Brown paper packages tied up with string... These are a few of my favorites things. No matter what you buy in Japan... They always come wrapped and tied in the most inviting paper, ribbons, tags and boxes...It's such a bonus for the shopper.

When I left this summer, I bought  twelve ,  $3.00 glass angels as a small momento  for the ladies in my doll making classes.

" For you", the salesclerk asked ...No I replied " presento".
I continued to look around, while she  finished my order.  Within 10 minutes , the little clerk shuffled  up to me with a shopping bag... Oh MY GOODNESS... I was so pleased , yet embarrassed.

 Each angel had been  placed into a tiny box,  wrapped  in pink floral paper, tied with a bow and sealed  with a golden sticker.  Now that's service with a smile !!!

Yesterday I was rustling through my papers in efforts to find just the right background for a couple of geisha images....Well...I found it in  decorative paper bags that I had bought in Miyajima.

The sepia bags depicted images of Japanese life, so they fit perfectly into the ATC  Geisha theme.  I quess the lesson here is to .... Never underestimate,   ZaaArt of keeping and collecting papers.  My two ATC's " Little Sparrow" and "Blossom Geisha" settled nicely into the paperbag scene and proudly wear the tags of being recycled works of art.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today in New Brunswick,the winds of autumn, flurry the leaves past  my windows... I have never seen the foliage fall so quicky. While the colors of a Canadian fall can  expand the heart with joy, so does the autumn  in Japan fill the heart with inner  calm and  repose.  I am missing Japan this season.... Wishing I could walk once more in the Imperial Palace grounds, picking up the tiny maple leaves to press between the pages of  my books. I love creating pictures with pressed flowers and leaves... It's a hobby from my childhood. 
I had not realized the difference in the size and shades of the maple leaves ... Our Canadian maples are so vibrantly robust and large ... some  bigger than the palm of my hand. The Japanese maple leaves are tiny and frail, mostly crimson in color... They are like  tiny fairies fluttering and dancing through the air, into my heart.

Next month I will return to Japan. I look forward to nestling down with the leaves pressed so snuggly  amongst the pages ...  recalling the fond memories of  walking through the palace courtyards in Kyoto.

Friday, October 8, 2010


WHAT !!!! No Japanese Holidays and Celebrations... I'm  in shock... I wondered if I had done something wrong by being away so long.. Oh...Oh  !!!!
Actually the only events happening in Japan in the month of  October are "Sports days", and the next real big  festivity is New Years...  I pondered the lull in the  active calendar of  festivals and  figured maybe it was  time out for the  busy, ambitious Japanese... Certainly, I'm missing  the special days and  cultural antics. Aren't You ? I mean how can there be no festivals, holidays or picnics in their Fall schedule. OK.. I understand and I'll be back shortly to report to you , my friends... Thanks for hanging in there !!!!