Monday, August 3, 2009


HELLO all you beautiful people. It's so nice to be back into the sweltering humidity of Japan . I missed chatting with you. So , Hi , Hello and WELCOME to those of you who are currently reading this page. Thank You for sticking around my friends.
Lately , I've been doing alot of doodling on phone books, magazines, spare pieces of paper or anything that happens to lay itself in front of me... It seems that I'm making a very undignified mess .
I've been doodling since childhood, but lately, I'm starting to wonder why !!! Lots of people scribble away absent- mindedly and often these doodles carry a great deal of meaning especially for an artist. Sometimes it's a great source of inspiration for serious artwork. So why do people doodle and what do doodles mean?

We are a species that is constantly engaged in productive activity. I believe that
laziness is a sure recipe for extinction of the species, so doodling must be an act of preservation... Right !!!

We, humans are naturally akin to using our hands, scanning the horizons with our eyes and walking great distances. So we fidget, twitch, fiddle and doodle, whenever we are forced to sit still for any length of time. Don't you think that doodling is a natural outlet for frustrated artistic expression... It's just plain old healthy to doodle and create something meaningless and not especially beautiful.

Look at the ATC that I've posted. This was an artistic ATC assignment, complete just a few days before I left for Canada. I was so frustrated and actually fragmented, with so little time to wrap up so many projects.

I couldn't turn my head off so I engaged in a moderate activity with my pencils ,colors and paper. I also, had limited visual vocabulary and basically worked with the instincts of my inner child. YES ..I reverted back to childhood, recollecting shapes, form, texture, infact anything that was at my most primary level. With a major in psycology, I knew that theses shapes and colors had significant meaning. So I did a self- art therapy analysis on myself to see just what kind of mental shape I was in when creating these ATC's.

The happy face ( circle) represents infinity. Circles have no ending or beginning but evolve symbolically as the (whole) universe.( That's good) The rectangular body symbolizes earth or ground, ( stability) hopefully that means my feet were still grounded while awaiting lift off of the Air Canada 747.

Women often doodle flowers, which simply indicates, a love of nature and sometimes a childlike innocence or wishfulness. It's definately a feminine, passive aspect of the universe. So far , I'm normal ( Ha Ha) except for the very unorganized sqiggles etc. etc... In the context of doodling, color is generally that of which ever pen you have your hand. However I did color in the shapes so let's see what color associations they have.

RED represents power, physical energy and passion or it can indicate anger or anxiety. Is this what you call seeing red? ) PINK denotes love friendship, compassion and relaxation. Pink is symbolic of a gentle emotions and emotional unions. It's much less intense than red. I think the red and pink balanced one another.

DARK BLUE indicates stability, strength and security. Super Woman ( Hee Hee) It also denotes, depression, moodiness, impulsiveness and changability. Quess, I was alittle moody !!!! YUP !!!

Sea-green and blue represents the water and ocean that I was anticipating crossing and green is regarded as a restful color suggesting well-being. Maybe I wasn't as distressed as I thought( Wishful thinking).

I did place the ATC's on a black background and of course the hair was black which analytically transpires into saddness and confusion. However there were those lovely doodled hearts that saved my eternal being by expressing my sincere romantic disposition( Tah Dah). Hearts are usually drawn by people who are in love. That's me.

ZaaArt of self- analysis is a pretty touchy subject but sometimes a critical look at what page your standing on, helps an artist turn over a new leaf... forward HO !!!!!


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Hi Zaa!! Wecome Back!! I missed you!

Zaa said...

Thank you Sharon.. I missed you all so very much too.
Big Hugs

a painter said...

Nice to see you!

Keep on doodling! As an artist and a former art teacher, I think doodling IS the art of self expression. There are good books out there on this subject but all anybody really needs in a pen or pencil and any paper at hand--just like you are doing and doodling!

Zaa said...

I agree it's a wonderful artistic form .. Thank you for the kind visit my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaa,
I am very happy you stopped to visit my blog.. thankyou for your precious words..
I have been working with Monica Zuniga, taking workshops and enjoying every bit of it.
Thank you for adding me on your list.. I appreciate it.
Have a beautiful August eve..
Hugss, Darlene

Zaa said...

Bravo and your doing great work with Monica.. I , too am embarking on one of her wonderful classes.. Thanks so much for stopping in.

Zaa said...

Bravo and your doing great work with Monica.. I , too am embarking on one of her wonderful classes... I really enjoyed your blog Darlene. Your a true artist. Thanks so much for stopping in.