Friday, August 21, 2009


ATC addiction is real.. It's sweeping the world with images and expressions of comraderie and connection... Two years ago , I didn't even know what an ATC was... Since joining, " Flickr" and "Fantasticflatpaperdolls", a whole new world has opened up in the realm of artistry and finding like minded friends.. Isn't the internet a marvellous tool? ' "Enlighten" ( above) and " " Caught "( below) are an example of two of my ( traded) ATC's.

This week, I joined, two more groups... "Roses On My Table" and "The Sum of All Things" ..... As if I didn't already have enough to do ( Ha Ha). The fact is
these little pieces of work are theraputic to my creative soul. It just feels good !!!

I mean who would have thought that a 6cm X 9cm card would become a such craze. The cards are produced in various media( pencils, pens, markers, etc) wet media ( watercolor, acrylic paints etc.) paper media( in the form of collage, papercut, found objects etc.) They are usually traded rather than being sold. What an exhilerating exchange of artistic freedom.. KAAZAM !!!!

Clubs, trading sessions and online mailart communities have largely replaced the original concept of trading cards.( eg,Baseball cards) Besides being a great hobby.. ATC's have become an iconic expression for existing artisans and wouldbe artists, who can hone in on their creative abilities, while sharing and learning from the experts. It's a great way keep intouch with the artistic community and enjoy classes online or locally or abroad...

To date, I have friends as far away as Budapest, Finland, Sweden, Britain and of course Canada/ Japan... and we all have one thing in common ... ZaaArt of creating. It's amazing how a small pleasure such as making a trading card can create such a big space in the heart of the world.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Dearest R, she is lovely! Won't you please have a look at this artist Kitty at
She has been doing the most wonderful stuff with ATC's for many years. It's amazing! I have no talent with paper...I end up cutting everything to shreds! Been that way for 50 years. So...I do admire this talent so much. You are a master. I just thought perhaps you would find the techniques interesting. Well done friend.
Hugs, Sharon

Zaa said...

Thank You Sharon ... my "Master" artist friend... I will follow your advise and look to your lead,
" " ... It's alway a happy adventure... I appreciate your kind advise....

I_am_Tulsa said...

Wow, the cards are fabulous! I want to try this out too!
I have no idea where to start, so i am going to ogle at your blog for a bit ;-)

Zaa said...

Thanks Tulsa.. I'll post you some direction on my next blog.

Have a happy week..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosalind,
This is beautiful!
I love your website.. !
Yes, the internet is wonderful if used appropriately! LOL
I see you joined!
How wonderful.. ! She truly is the greatest teacher..
Hope to see you there too!
hugs, Darlene

Zaa said...

HI Darlene..
Yes, I've been waiting for monica to start her classes... I just viewed your lovely artwork on site...Looking good. Have a great week-end.

Anonymous said...

That is a chinese picture. here is it.

Anonymous said...

I love you ATCs! I used to make them before I knew they were called ATCs in school.

art teacher said...

Your work is so beautiful. What a refreshing style you have! I have enjoyed looking over your blog. If you are ever interested in having your students swap ATC's with my high school students please visit my website and send me a note! Debbi

Uniquely Myself said...

Hello Zaa! Your ATC's are neat. They are so much fun. I have used some on top of birthday cards etc to just add some extra dimension. Sandra