Thursday, May 7, 2009


The "Lusty Month of May " is over but the season of the blossoming 'Camelot" has just begun. Today, while wandering through my garden, I realize the many gifts of nature that I've taken for granted and am inspired to give thanks by creating.

In a way, this little Blossom Fairy  is just one of the many ways inwhich a creative soul can give back to Mother Earth's generosity.

I am humbled at this time, as I leave Japan and return home to Canada for awhile. I will  miss my modest little garden and the many unassuming, fragrant blooms that have greeted me with a smile.

 Ever time I see flowers, I feel happy and often relate to that good old seventies term, "Flower Power".  Nature just seems to work in harmony with our creative being .   It's quite possible that our creative consciouness does not create itself , but rather is influenced unconciously, by spontaneous ideas and sudden flashes of nature. Artistically, we record our feelings on paper and call it art. I like the idea that nature and creativity become one energy of expression.

"Fairy Blossom" (above) is my creative outpouring of  the Cherry Blossom  season here in Japan. The season is just too beautiful for words , so as an artist, I do try to recreate  the ethereal flora of the environment.

Japan's indigenous religion," Shinto" has taught me  'ZaaArt" of 'great love and reverence for nature".  The 'Kami" or balance and harmony are enrichening gifts that I carry in my heart across the ocean for the summer months.


Polly said...

The Blossom Fairy is simply stunning... have a great time in Canada

Zaa said...

Thank You Polly

Jennifer Conway said...

Beautiful Blossom Fairy.....

Best of luck with your BIG move!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! *smiles* ~Jen

Zaa said...

Thanks Jennifer

Lujo said...

I'm from Barcelona (Spain). Your blog is very interesting. Congratulations.

See you soon

Zaa said...

Thanks for thr visit Julo.. please do come again.

Pattie said...

Beautiful beautiful Art,I love this,lovely to hear from you again,I see you have been on your travels :-]missed you !...x