Saturday, April 11, 2009


Who's ready for Spring? ... MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !
I'm so happy, that I'm jumping up and down, clicking pictures of everthing insight...Of course, in Japan, one must ask for permission, to take a picture of another person, so, I'm gingerly sitting on my hands, to stop them from going ' snap , snap .

This is a picture of my "Springtime Sakura" Doll. She's one of four , washi creations, that will be on display, at the Kitakyushu, Doll Exhibition, during the month of April.

"Springtime Sakura", is a small doll that I have secured onto a hanging board, for decorative purposes. She's a highly respected Oiran Lady who would have a garden filled with spring flowers to honor the season.

I'm a March baby, so Springtime has always been a special time of the year ... Spring is like opening birthday presents .. It's a sense of joy that can only be harmonized with nature . It's like walking in the melting ice, with a hole in your boot. It's like breathing in the euphoric air, that's filled with the scent of the Easter Lilies.. It's like seeing a kalidescope of colors dancing through the ground as the tulips and daffodils blossom and break forth . Spring is like being reborn..I love it !!!

So, it's no wonder, that everyone is noticing, my over exhuberant attitude. Even my doll Sensei and the Japanese ladies are laughing at my spring fever, antics... OK .. so I made cream puffs for last weeks, class... They were " Yummy Calories ", that I'll probably wear off , running around the Doll Exhibition.

I'm so very honored, to be part of this Japanese Artisan Showing ... Needless to say, Zaa Art of taking pictures needs alot of practise so I'll take two camera's instead of one.( Hee Hee) Just incase I run out of film.