Monday, March 23, 2009


It Birthday time in Japan. Four, out of five members of my immediate family celebrate their birthdays in March, so the Spring season often becomes one big PARTY.

This is a picture of my husbands' birthday gift. ' Lion Boy ", a character from the Kabuki Theatre. I thought it might remind of his youth and maybe, he would jump up and down and we could go dancing ( Yes, that's a good idea! )

Kabuki is a blend of music, dance, mime and spectacular costuming. It has been the main theatrical artform in Japan for four centuries. "Lion Boy" is one of it's favorite characters. I had never made a male doll and thought it might be a fun project. WELL.........

The truth is that, we didn't go tripping the light fantastic, but the gift did make my husband smile . He really appreciated, that I made a male washi doll for him. ..SO he took me for a week-end trip on his birthday and bought me a pearl necklace. .. HEY ..That's " Zaa Art " of Birthday Magic.


Lily Young Art said...

That's a beautiful gift :)

Zaa said...

Lily .. You are so special.. Thank you for following my blog..