Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It's Christmas day here in Japan... One day ahead of those of you in western Canada and the United States. The turkey is cooking, the lights are twinkling and the champagne is chilling. Our guests arrive at 6:30 for their first Christmas Supper. There are no rice balls, deep fried pork pieces, noodles or mackeral on the menu. We're eating with forks and knives instead of chopsticks and the wine glasses are twice the size of the normal asian glasses. Instead of the many, small, individual dishes, there is only a dinner plate and a salad plate and the napkin goes on your lap, thank you very much.
We say a prayer before dinner, instead of ringing a bell and sing Christmas carols after supper, instead of climbing a mountain. Yes, traditionals are very different. Christian beliefs are not followed in this part of the world. The Japanese celebrate New Years . So ZaaArt of eating turkey off the bone with mashed potatoes, turnip and cranberry sauce will be a completely new experience for all .


Paper Cat Designs said...

Gosh that is so beautiful! I just love it! I'm so glad to get to see your blog! Do you celebrate the new calendar year? I thought I would ask since I noticed that you are in Japan.

Hugs! =D

Fairy and Fantasy Art of Lily Young said...

Hi! Lovely post :)

Zaa said...

Thank you for the visit Lily

Zaa said...

Yes Kellie. We personally use our own Canadian Calendars, but do follow alot of the wonderful festivals in the Calendar year here.