Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cho Cho Belt

A new creation admires herself . This is Sachiko, who is willfully vain about her age, her looks and her new position in life. She is afterall a teenage Washi Doll, who is much more sophisicated than her sibling sister doll, below, ( see November 23rd post). You might say Sachiko has attitude. Everyone will know how old she is, by observing her long hair and flowing Kimono sleeves. If you listen carefully , you'll hear her whispering to herself, " Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all ". Hey Sachiko, that isn't a Japanese Haiku !!! How will I ever get her away from the mirror?

My greatest enjoyment while working on the teenage doll was the hair styling and the obi belt. Washi paper is so flexible and user-friendly. This particular tied bow shape is called 'cho cho' because the bow resembles a butterfly, thus giving it the name, butterfly obi. I just love making them. Doesn't take much to get ZaaArt all aflutter.


Fairy and Fantasy Art of Lily Young said...

She has a lovely furisode. Beautiful artwork.

Zaa said...

Thanks You Lily