Friday, November 28, 2008

ZaaArt Bow

This is Sakura, my latest Paperdoll with a twist, in her obi. Instead of making the conventional Kimono, I decided to venture in to the realm of east meets west. Sakura's obi looks more like a couture design from the ZaaArts' fashion world... A bow instead of an obi ... How does that work?
There are many rules that govern the wear of a Japanese kimono and obi. I humbly apologize to those purist in the name of ' Creativity" . I just can't seem to follow conventional rules all the time. But as you can see Sakura is very gracious and the ZaaArt couture Bow does wonders for her ever evolving image. I personally like it.

Some two hundred rules were at one time established for the kimono, dictating such things as combinations of colors. Even today, only certain colors are considered acceptable for certain times of the year depending upon the season. While all these purist rules have turned many people off, there is a new movement to re-introduce the Kimono as regular wear. That means making the kimono and obi more wearer friendly . So, I quess ZaaArt Bow may be acceptable after all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Cherry Blossom#3 : This is an example of my ATC Washi, Geisha Card. Each is an individually made doll using Washi paper. You can choose from such a wonderful variety of colors and designs. This one has butterflies and blossoms with gold embosted fans and backgrounds . It so delicate and beautiful to work with .. Cherry Blossom, as I call her has long flowing Crepe paper hair and holds a cherry blossom sprig in her hand. She is one of a series of 3 Cherry Blossom ATC's . She was personally made for my friend Suzee Q.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living Doll

Living Doll

Kannon giggles with excitement. At seven years old, she is ready to celebrate in the tradional 'Girls' Day " Festivities. It is a special time , when Japanese Families honor and support the beauty and glory of young daughters growing into life.

Girl's Day is a celebrated tradition, inwhich little Japanese girls, don time-honored kimono's, much like their adult mother's, adorned with the precious accessories. Colorful Kimonos, matching zori shoes, obi belts , complete with a fan tucked in and beautiful hair embellishments, all add to the excitement of this much anticipated day. I was so honored that my friend Hiroko, brought her beautiful grandaughter to my house on her special day. It was an honor to witness, ZaaArt of youthful beautiful !!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playing With Washi

This is Keiko, my latest creation. I'm so pleased with her and funnily enough, her ball... I had so much fun, tearing, rolling and compressing the cotton into a circle. It took me, nearly thirty minutes of playing around with that little old ball of cotton. The colored washi strips were pre-cut earlier and then were carefully positioned around it . I then, sealed the colored edges with a tiny dot of gold, washi paper. It's all the little embellishments that take the time and are the most fun to create. Keiko is dressed in a traditional Kimono basically the same as an adult's Kimono, except that it is perhaps more colorful. She wears her hair in a traditional bob and is ready for her first Girl's Day Celebration in March. ZaaArt of growing up!