Monday, September 22, 2008

Zaa Art Is Here

OK, so I'm a self -indulged, creative fanatic... semi-retired and living in Japan. I've had a thing for paper since childhood. My mother was always met at the door with a song, dance and a story, complete with a full cast of paperdolls.

Nowadays, my husband is the one who walks over the scraps, pencils, paints and paper. He smiles and says, Where's the paper, DOLL? I say, ' Honey, ZaaArt is here on my blog for everyone to see and ENJOY!!!! He sighs with relief knowing that all my creativity is online instead of on the livingroom floor.

Japan has had a long love affair with paper and paper fibre arts Currently I'm studying with a Washi Doll Master learning the art of Washi paper and 3- dimensional Washi Dolls. It's a journey into a very special culture that shares many exotic and ancient gifts. ZaaArt postings will include Paperdolls, Washi Dolls, ATC Trading Cards, and various art mediums and creative adventures.

You're invited to journey with me through Lotusland and ZaaArts of my world.

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