Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is a fine example of a Washi Doll created by an ancient paper folding and gluing technique. This particular beauty was a gift from my Dollmaking Sensei in Japan.

I always thought that paper is paper is paper, but I'm wrong. All paper has varying characteristics of texture , weight, and color. Washi paper is very unique. After handling and working with it's flexible nature ,one naturally begins to feel that there is some kind of communication or ' Contact" happening between the natural fibres of the washi and the artisan, who is creating the doll.

Washi Paper is handmade from the bark fibres of three Japanese shrubs. ' Gami", "Kozo"(Mulberry) and "Mitsumata", which all grow naturally across Japan.

Master craftsmen utilize ,stencils, woodblocks and silkscreens to create exquisite patterns that resemble oriental textiles. The paper has a soft, pliable nature that accomodates the expressive, three dimensional shapes of the Washi Doll. It's a pure delight to work with.

Every part of this Washi Doll is cut, shaped and folded by hand. My biggest challenge is getting to know the nature of the paper.

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